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Message from AVITEX CEO

There are hundreds of markets and thousands of stocks in the world, but you do not have to study each market and select the underestimated and most promising, in your opinion, securities. It takes a lot of time and energy. In addition, in order to succeed at least a little, you will have to spend time studying the macroeconomic situation, reading the reports of individual companies, monitoring business news, that is, keeping abreast of markets.

Most people have neither time nor desire, nor the “nerves of steel”. The easiest solution for most investors is to transfer funds to trust management - that is, instead of finding a needle, buy a whole haystack.

Derick Whitehouse President and Founder, Avitex Limited

Two main advantages of AVITEX

High Diversification Level

We diversify our assets in many areas, which ensures breakeven result even in the short term!

Own Financial Ecosystem

We have our own financial ecosystem, which allows us to maintain the vital activity of each of its elements at a high level!

Avitex Limited


Avitex ltd. - This is a multidisciplinary financial organization, dealing with issues of attracting investment, development and promotion of such areas as:

  • • Online Casino
  • • Binary Options
  • • Betting companies
  • • Forex trading
  • • Cryptocurrency exchanges

It's no secret that these areas are one of the most highly profitable ways to make money on the Internet today. Thanks to the creation of a well-functioning financial system, we give a unique opportunity to all our customers to become part of a huge corporation and to be full co-owners of the company, taking full advantage of it!

How it works?


Our company attracts borrowed capital through the placement of public shares, which give each of its owners the right to vote on the board of directors, as well as the right to use part of the company's property. The average profitability of one share of our company is 1% per day.

In other words, all your capital spent on the purchase of shares will be guaranteed to increase by 1% per day, regardless of the financial result of our company.

Our financial experts made sure that all your financial risks are minimized!

Where does the

Daily Profit
come from?

Avitex financial holding today has a fairly large number of projects of various kinds on the Internet that are already profitable and do not need investments, but we do not stand still and constantly move towards expansion, this requires additional capital, which we attract through public placement of shares. The funds received from private investors are directed to the marketing, technical and production needs of each of the projects.

The average project development period is from 15 to 45 days. During this period of time, our customers are able to earn income, depending on their investment conditions.

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