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Can I buy shares in a company regardless of my citizenship?

Yes. Absolutely every citizen of our planet has access to buy shares in our company.

Therefore, anyone who is looking for a source of stable passive income on the Internet can become a co-owner of our company.



What is the return on shares?

Our investment offers are described in detail in the "Investors" section. Including the investment procedure and profitability. Please read this section of our website.



What currency can I invest in?

Financial transactions in USD are provided for the investment process.

What electronic payment systems can an investor use when investing?

Any investor of the company can use the following electronic payment systems when investing: Perfect Money, Payeer, Btc, Eth, USDT

It is also possible to expand this list in the future.


How many accounts can I create in the company's investment program?

Only one active account can be registered. For creating multiple registrations, the company will apply punitive measures to such an investor. Namely: blocking all accounts of such an investor.


What is an Active account?

This is an investor's account that the investor used to buy at least 1 (one) AVIX share using any investment offer.


Can an investor delete an account?

Yes. To do this, contact customer support with the appropriate request.


Can an investor terminate an investment contract prematurely?

Yes. To do this, contact customer support with the appropriate request.


How many shares of the company can I buy?

You can purchase an unlimited number of shares.


When can I receive accruals for shares I have purchased?

Accruals occur on a daily basis.


How is the partnership relationship implemented in the company?

Our company has its own unique partner and bonus programs, more information about which you can read in the partners section.


What do I need to be able to take advantage of the company's partner offers?

You need to register on our company's website

Can a shareholder replace an upline?

This option is not available.


If an investor mistakenly entered certain data (email address or payment details, for example) when registering a personal account, is it possible to correct this data?

Yes. If it turns out that you entered incorrect data during registration, create a corresponding request to the company's customer support, detailing all the circumstances of the case. We will promptly help you solve Your problem.


How do I restore my password?

To restore your password, simply use the appropriate password Recovery Form located on the company's website.


Where can I get help?

To get help, please go to the "Contacts" section. In addition, you can always use an online chat, where our experts will help you solve any question.

What customer support features are implemented by the company?

The company provides customer support in a multilingual format, using a telephone support form and online chat.

We work for you around the clock. This means That you can find at least one way to contact us at any time of the day.


What is the minimum and maximum amount available for investment?

Any investor can start the investment process with $50. The maximum allowed investment value is $50,000.

When can I create a request for payment of earned funds?

The request for payment of funds, as well as direct payments are made around the clock.


How long will my payment request take to process?

Disbursements are made in accordance with the payment rules and may take up to 72 hours!


How many minimum and maximum withdrawals can I make?

Minimally, the investor can withdraw as much as possible in accordance with the withdrawal rules provided for a particular electronic payment system.

The company does not set its own limits on the minimum or maximum amount that can be withdrawn.

What Commission fees should an investor pay for withdrawing funds?

The company does not set Commission fees for any financial transactions.

However, the investor should keep in mind that some electronic payment systems may charge a Commission for transactions made using these electronic payment systems.

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