Intending to use the site of the company, company services, each registered user undertakes personal responsibility for observance of these Rules.

The Rules regulating the main points of process of interaction between the registered user of the site and the company are an integral part of the beginning of any activity with using of company services. At the same time, ignoring or incorrect interpretation of points of these Rules is the basis for the cooperation process termination. On the other hand, agreeing with these Rules, each registered user concludes the private deal with the company and agrees to perceive further cooperation directly in the context of the private deal. Any questions which aren’t suffering abstention and also any content of these Rules which is for you unacceptable is the necessary and sufficient reason for not to continue process of the personal account creation on the company’s site.

We strongly recommend to study in the most attentive way a sense and a content of these Rules before to start a process of the personal account creation on the company’s site.

Learn carefully this Rules before to start registration.

01 General conditions
  • 1.1. These Rules are made according to norms of International law and management practice.
  • 1.2. Only legally capable person who are more than 18 years old, can be registered and invest to the our investment program.
  • 1.3. Passing of procedure of registration is an indispensable condition for each person who wants to become the participant of our investment program.
  • 1.4. By the registration fact in the investment program you agree to follow all rules and conditions which have been stated in this document.
02 Disclaimer
  • 2.1. All materials and information on this site, should be considered and be realized “as is”, without any obvious or implied guarantees, such as: implied guarantees of suitability for a definite purpose, commodity suitability, or not violation of any obligations.
  • 2.2. Site content can’t be considered as any legal, insurance, tax or investment councils. Any information published on the website shouldn’t be considered as the imaginary recommendation or as our direct recommendation or as recommendations of the third parties. The AVITEX CORPORATION (Further the Company) under no circumstances doesn’t bear responsibility for any damage, a loss or sag of the client become result, uses of any information containing on our site.
  • 2.3. The Company doesn’t claim that the data presented in the form of the contents are decisive, full, absolutely correct or confirmed with us. Before making any operations, concrning money, carefully learn this “Disclaimer”.
03 Rules of investment
  • 3.1. Each buying of the investment portfolio (the Company’s investment offer) is considered the private transaction between Company and the client of the Company (Further the Client).
  • 3.2. Client agrees that carries out all financial operations only at own discretion and the fear and risk. Client only personally determines the volume of the investment portfolio and the Company’s investment offer.
  • 3.3. The interest rate for all investment portfolios of the Client pays off, enlisted on an account balance of the Client in a volume which depends from the investment portfolio.
  • 3.4. The interest rate depends on the amount of investments, and also on the chosen investment portfolio and period of the investment portfolio validity.
  • 3.5. For buying of the investment portfolio the Client can choose any of the following electronic payment systems: *************************************. The Company accepts only USD as currency of investment.
04 Affiliate program
  • 4.1. Any Client of the Company has the right to participate in our affiliate program.
  • 4.2. It is strictly forbidden to apply of the spam technologies. Including for promotion of the referral link. In a case identification of the fact of spam, an account of such Client will be deleted.
05 The services rendering
  • 5.1. We reserve the right to suspend or temporarily to stop providing any information by means of our site without prior notice. It can be caused by need of addition, updating, removal or editing site’s content. Besides, the suspension in providing information services can be associated with force majeure circumstances, and by the following reasons too:
    urgent system updatings;
    shutdown of power transmission lines;
    damage of processing equipment;
    other breakages of technogenic or natural property.
  • 5.2. The Company doesn’t bear any responsibility for the inconveniences or problems associated with such suspension or the temporary termination, including cases when access for the Client to the site becomes temporarily impossible.
06 Providing information
  • 6.1. Information provided by the Client is necessary and obligatory part of our relationship between the Company and each our client.
  • 6.2. The Company considers the personal information provided by the Client, strictly confidential. Therefore these email addresses and an e-wallets, and also some other data, can’t be shared under no circumstances.
  • 6.3. We guarantee that we store, and we will store everything without exception of the transaction of the Client with the Company in strictly confidential form, taking all necessary measures for information security of the Client.
07 Conclusion
  • 7.1. Non-compliance, neglect or at discretion by the Client contents interpretation of these Rules involves initiation of the Company of measures of a certain exacting look by Administration. Among such measures there can be following actions: the prevention, a penalty, a partial and temporary restriction of access to account, temporary blocking of the account, full removal of an account with the withdrawal of all added funds, the referral rewards and encouragement which could be at this moment on an account balance. The money which is charged off from such account isn’t compensated.
  • 7.2. Company reserves the right to make any changes to these Rules without the preliminary warning.
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